Can the Usage of Birth Control Pills Be Doubled Suddenly

birth control pills

Birth control pills are taken for avoiding unwanted pregnancy but you should take the dame in limits. Before taking these pills, you should take expert guidance or consultants regarding how to make best of these pills.

If these pills are being correctly used then only your health will remain in safe condition and on the other hand you can also carry on enjoying your sexual pleasure. Sexual health or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic can be definitely approached in order to receive the best advice regarding the safe usage of birth control pills.

Emergency contraception the best option:

  • Plan A: If you believe in Planned Parenthood then emergency contraception will be the most suitable option for you. In this case, Ella serves the best. This product is the most powerful ad effective amongst all available morning after pill of the era. Two prominent catches out here is usage after being prescribed and the other one is usage of ring, patch or birth control pills during last 5 days.
  • Plan B: Levonorgestrel containing morning after pills can also play a great role in preventing ovulation. Artificial progesterone like hormone in these pills usually prevents the implantation of fertilized egg. These pills can be purchased as OTC products and thus no prescription is required. But you should intake them within at least seventy two hours of unprotected sex otherwise you will not receive successful results. These pills can help in the cases of emergency contraception.
  • Plan C: Paragard can be used as another effective solution in this regard. This is nothing but a copper made IUD. It needs to be inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex for the sake of preventing pregnancy. Almost 99 percent of positive results can be gained from this option and it is safe as well. This is why most gynecologists from sex clinic London always suggest women going for the same as the best emergency contraception option. Copper is being released by this IUD and this action might generate a bit if inflammation within your uterus. This option is much more powerful than that of the above options.

The modern options of emergency contraception boost up hormone level for preventing pregnancy in women. But these pills are quite different from abortion pills. These pills can make the pregnancy delayed for the time being but cannot prevent it permanently.

Can birth control pills taken twice in a day?

If you have forgotten taking BC pills any day then on the next day you can definitely take twice but make sure that you are using only branded pills with safe ingredients. It is better taking only those pills that have been suggested or recommended by your gynecologist. Make sure that the pills are completely approved FDA.

Are there any irritating side effects?

As per the scientific reports, every BC pill brand comes with few commonest side effects like breast sireness, nausea, spotting and others. Clotting can also be experienced at times. If you think that these side effects are getting severe day by day then you are requested approaching the best sexual clinic nearby.

The gynecologists from sexual clinic in London are very much experienced and they prescribe only safe and branded BC pills to their patients.

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