Preventing an Unintended Pregnancy after Intercourse

Get rid of unwanted pregnancy

Pick some of the smartest and safest options to prevent unplanned pregnancy immediately after doing sex. Taking healthy suggestions from expert doctors at well woman clinic in harley street is very much essential for maintaining good health.

Unprotected-sex ends up with nothing else other than an unplanned motherhood. Therefore, those women who are not at all prepared for taking the blow of pregnancy should adopt some basic precautions. Unwanted or sudden pregnancy is not the sole consequence of unprotected-sex rather STD might be invited by the same at times.

Well woman screening needs to be done for the sake of preventing the chances of STD after intercourse. Doctors often suggest women going for only safe-sex in order to avoid different unwanted consequences. Though condoms can be treated as one of the safest options but the condoms are very much prone towards sudden tearing and thus you should go for other reliable means.

If you have got pathetic experiences with unsafe sex then you should definitely learn from your experiences and should never repeat the same ever. If you take proper protection then only pregnancy immediately after doing intercourse can be prevented. You can make a proper research on the concerned matter in order to collect potential information.

Get rid of unwanted pregnancy – Best pregnancy preventing options:

Aborting child is quite a pathetic experience as it creates a greater emotional damage to women. Therefore, if you want to avoid the same then you got to adopt some safety strategies. Some of the smartest means for avoiding after-intercourse pregnancy are as follows:

  • Taking birth-control pills: These pills need to be taken immediately within few hours of making sex. You can take them in the very next morning for preventing pregnancy. You should be handy with these pills so that you do not miss-out the chance of taking them. Baby-abortion is not possible with these pills but pregnancy can be prevented for sure.
  • Oral-contraceptive pills: These pills need to be continued till you take the decision of being pregnant. Regular consumption of these pills can help you staying away from pregnancy. In this case, pregnancy is being delayed. Ovum-release from ovary will be prevented and sometimes thicker mucus will prevent sperm from uterus-entry. When you are mentally prepared for taking babies then you should discontinue the same otherwise your babies might experience birth-defects. Well woman checks are needed in this respect for knowing the actual health-condition.
  • Condoms: If you are choosing condoms then you should go for the branded ones. You can now get multiple-flavors in condoms. Latex or rubber condoms need to be chosen for preventing unwanted penis-damages.
  • Copper-T: This option is the best pregnancy-preventing solution of the era. The most happening fundamental is that no side-effects are associated with the same. It is a special kind of device which needs to be installed within uterus for the purpose of preventing sudden pregnancy. Some of these devices prevent the reaching of fertilized-eggs towards uterus while others help in releasing egg-blocking hormones.

If you are quite confused in choosing the right way-out for stopping after-intercourse pregnancy then you can definitely go to your nearest gynecologist. Well woman health screening can help the doctor in knowing that which option is the suitable one for patients.

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