Beware of the Rise in Pseudo Healthcare and Phony Medication

Phony Medication

More and more people have access to healthcare, and this coupled with the population growth  adds to more people flooding doctor’s offices, hospitals and other medical services across the country. It can be hard for these healthcare services to keep up with the new influx of patients. This unprecedented demand for healthcare services can lead some patients to look for healthcare services elsewhere, and unfortunately, some of these patients may fall victim to pseudo healthcare and phony medication.


In the healthcare industry, there are plenty of businesses operating who may not have your best interests at heart or may not be educated or informed on the best manner to treat your ailment. Whatever the reason, the growth these counterfeit healthcare businesses seem to be on the rise, and you need to do your due diligence to stay safe.

There are many obstacles a healthcare patient may face these days. With the rise in patients, many practices are completely booked. This means they cannot accept any new patient, and the patients they currently have will have difficulty to making appointments. If you happen to need an emergency appointment, you may still have to wait a long period of time to be seen. This increased wait time to see a doctor can endanger those that are facing a medical emergency. Unfortunately, it can mean life or death for some. Another downfall of overcrowded medical businesses is that many people will turn to the internet and other sources to help treat their medical ailments, which can be disastrous to most.

The popularity of the internet and social media has also fueled distrust in medical professionals. It seems as if anyone can find any piece of information on the internet and assume it is true. There are many conflicting pieces of data out there that can confuse and mislead us. Through social media, a person with no medical experience can give their opinions and have it spread as fact with no one questioning where this information came from. People are also quick to diagnose themselves. They believe that because this website says this is what it could be or think they have the symptoms of this, then this must be what is wrong with them. Then the next step is for them to come up with their own treatment. All of this could spell disaster for someone who unknowingly trusts the wrong person or misdiagnosis themselves.


The high cost and ease of ordering medication online has lead to a rise in phony medications. A lot of patients have seen their medication rise and rise in cost. It seems as if everything is costing more these days and medication prices just keep soaring. In an effort to be able to obtain their medications without going bankrupt many people find themselves searching the internet for a more affordable alternative. Unfortunately, many people assume they have found a certified and reliable source to get their medications from only to be totally misled. It is more difficult for regulate online markets, which makes it so much easier for fake medicinal companies to push their supply on you. In 2016, there were over 5000 unauthorized online pharmacies shut down by authorities.

Many patients are also forgoing their regularly prescribed medication for alternative medications or treatments. This could be due to the soaring prices or the fact that many patients have that distrust mentioned earlier. Either way, this could add up to a dangerous decision for the patient. Many of these alternative treatments can be just as costly as prescription medications, but they have not been regulated in the same way your prescription medications have.

There is also no way of knowing if there is truly any proven benefits from this treatments, as it has not gone through the thorough testing your prescription medication has. It is a big risk that most of us would usually think twice about doing, but in this day and age for whatever reason many people are more than willing to take this chance.

There are many reasons that there is a rise in pseudo healthcare and the sell of phony medications. The thing to remember is to try to not fall victim to them. You should always get your medical advice and treatment options from a trained and experienced medical professional. You can look at options online, but you need to discuss them with a licensed medical professional. And, of course, always consider the source of your information.

If the source happens to be someone who lives down the street, I would be more than a little weary of their advice. When purchasing your medications, always ensure that you are buying from a licensed pharmacy. It is important to know that your medications are regulated by the government and have been through all the necessary pretesting before you purchase it. You may think that you are getting a good deal, but you need to take all the precautionary steps and do your research prior to buying into any medical advice or purchasing any prescription medication. Remember to always play it safe when it comes to your health.

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