3 Pro Tips on How to Move a Grand Piano

piano moving

A piano is an overwhelming and sensitive affair to transport. Some can even weigh as much as 800 pounds or more. Their substantial and delicate nature implies they are open to damages while being moved. While transporting a piano, you should take care of everything. Read on for three hints in how to move a grand piano in the right way.

piano moving

1. Prepare the piano

Setting up the piano for the move is the first step to start with. This should include checking the piano cover is the closed and secured request to secure the keys.
Apart from it, make sure you that you have bolted the over carefully. Doing so will help keep the top part of the piano from opening up accidentally while moving. You need to bolt the spinet part also. This is to ensure that the internal parts of the piano do not get harmed.

Afterwards, covet the piano in thick sheets of individual wraps made for piano moving, to keep it away from getting chipped, scratched or scored. Ensure you have secured the covers to the piano and that no areas are free and hanging down, where they could be discovered or caught on something, or stumbled upon.

2. Transport the piano accurately

Make sure that there are at least 2-3 strong people who know how to move a grand piano. For an upright piano, it is ideal if you have a dolly accessible to put the piano on. Doing so will take the weight off from the transporters.

In case you are using a proper piano moving gear, for example, a moving dolly, you should bolt the piano securely onto it. The dolly should be able to move easily after bolting. Keep in mind that upright grand pianos tend to be extremely top overwhelming. Mull over this when supporting the grand piano upon the dolly. Delicately facilitate the piano along on the dolly.

In case the piano is being moved to another goal through a van, ensure there is a steady slope appended to the back of the van keeping in mind the end goal to facilitate the dolly and piano up and into the van. Once all set, move it gradually and relentlessly. While moving a substantial piano, the methodology is much the same as a normal one. However, you need to make sure that each entryway, doors, etc. from where you will move the piano is spacious enough. There should be a gap of a multiple of inches between the doors and piano.

piano moving

3. Destination

After you have moved the piano to its new destination, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps reversely. Note that the piano needs to be tuned again after moving, so make sure that you have a dedicated piano tuner available at your service. In case you have any questions about moving a piano yourself or using a normal evacuation organization, that it is advantageous masterminding a specific piano moving the organization to move the piano for you.

A particular piano transport organization will have all the vital hardware and experience for transporting your piano in an ideal way. The danger of harm from mistaken taking care of is higher than moving or piano storage cost. So pay attention and whatever way you choose, ensure that you do not compromise your piano for anything.

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