Top 5 Best Apps For Android Coustom Roms Free Download

Custom Rom is a term for Android Operating System that has been re-modified By Develloper, whether it’s Display or other Functional which can be maximized according to their individual needs. this is why Android phones more attractive than Iphone or Windows Phone Because it is Open Source.

It Allows Users To Customize Every Aspect Of Their Mobile Phones, And You Can Download Facebook Video Downloader Apk Android App For Free And now there are so many Custom Rom Providers that you can enjoy Free, you can choose your own Custom ROM Best for your android phone , can be customized to your needs or with the appearance of Favorites you.

Best Android Coustom Roms

The Most Popular Custom Rom Collection

1. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is the most widely used Custom ROM on Android as it is available Almost for all types of Samsung phones, and reportedly they are already working For OPPO. CynogenMod Also Got Custom ROM for every type of android from Gingerbread to KITKAT.


MIUI is the most popular Custom ROM available on Android. Although not available all the devices but MIUI is known to be typical because it has a light and Smooth look. To find out if MIUI is available for your Device please Visit the Official Web.

3. Omni ROM

Omni ROM is a new Custom Rom that works but has support in various types of devices, reportedly Develloper Omni Rom is a split from CynogenMod and cestom Rom Lain.

4. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is a Custom Rom that to my knowledge is only available for Google Nexus. Paranoid Android is considered the most innovative because it has a very elegant look in the complete new features that are very helpful.

5. Pacman ROM

Pacman ROM is a Custom Rom type that is very unique because it carries the design of the Pacman game,


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